Dandong Huayou Trade Co. Ltd. is located in the well-known"boron capital" of China- Kuandian Town in the northeast of Dandong, Liaoning province.

Kuandian Town, with Mount. Zhengrong to the north and the world-renowned Yalu River to the south, is the place where Feng-Shang railway and He-Da highway join.

The waters and mountains here are so beautiful and charming with many famous scenic spots nearby, such as the White-stone National Natural Reserve, Tianqiao Gou National Forest Park, the Qingshan Lake etc.

Founded in the year 1997, the company is specialized in the distributing of boron series such as borax, boric acid, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and boric fertilizer .

The Pengchi Chemical Plants, which is subordinate to our company, boasts front-ranked technics and output in China. Its leading products are"Pengyou"(brand name) boric acid and sodium sulfate. The boric acid produced in a" two-step " method using borax, has very high purity and stability, which is very important to achieve a good quality of enamel, procelain enamel, and glasswork.. Its borax, boric acid, crude boron stone , sodium sulfate, sodium sulfate and magnesium fertilizers have all become the first choice of the customers home and abroad.